Pick to Light System

Pick-to light allows warehouse pickers to locate items by showing where they are or where they should be placed using Pick-to-Light systems. For e-commerce order fulfillment, these systems are especially useful for picking products. Pick-to-Light hardware is installed on shelves and racks or even on picking carts or put-walls (also referred to as put stations). Pick-to-Light systems dramatically increase the productivity of e-commerce order fulfillment while reducing operator errors. This type of supply chain technology has a profound impact on order-picking productivity and warehouse management. 


In order to facilitate batch or cluster picking of multiple orders in one pass, pick-to-light, and put-to-light systems are often used with picking carts. The design and configuration of picking carts can differ widely, but they usually include several shelves with a bundle or plastic storage bins. The bundles can be configured to hold all the items for a particular order or they can simply hold all the picked inventory which is later sorted by order into a put-wall. 

Picking and Integrating Light into a Warehouse Light System:

Picking Process: In a warehouse or distribution center, the term "picking" refers to the process of selecting items from storage locations to fulfill customer orders. This can involve manually selecting items or using automated systems such as robots or conveyors.

Light System Integration: A "light system" in a warehouse context might refer to various technologies used to assist in the picking process. These systems could include:

These systems use lights and displays at storage locations to guide pickers to the right items. When an order is received, the system illuminates the appropriate bin or shelf, indicating the item to be picked.


Picking Phase: During the picking phase, the pickers would receive orders from a central system. They would follow the illuminated lights to locate the items on their pick list.

Integration Phase: Once the items are picked, they are moved to a station where they are integrated into the warehouse's light system. This could involve placing items into bins or containers that are part of the pick-to-light system. The system's lights guide the picker on where to place each item.

Verification and Sorting: After integration, the items might undergo verification to ensure accuracy. The integrated items could then be sorted for further processing, packaging, and shipping.

3) Benefits

Accuracy: Pick-to-light systems help reduce errors by providing visual cues to pickers, which minimizes the likelihood of selecting incorrect items or placing them in the wrong bins.

Efficiency: These systems streamline the picking and integration processes, leading to faster order fulfillment and improved warehouse productivity.

Training: The systems can be especially helpful for new or temporary staff, as the visual cues make it easier to understand and follow picking and integration instructions.

SJK Pick to light system

Implementation of this system can vary based on the technology used, the size of the warehouse, the types of items being handled, and the overall logistics setup. We will enhance productivity, lower costs, and accelerate the picking and placing of materials with our PTL systems. Consequently, picking and placing materials will be faster and cheaper. Material handling in a warehouse can be solved by this method. SJK is a leading manufacturing facility in Coimbatore that produces graded PTL. With SJK Innovations, you get high-quality, innovative, and professional systems designed and developed by highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced experts.

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