Sjk's Tunnel

Disinfection Tunnels are Revolutionizing

In today's world, especially post-COVID-19, hygiene remains a top priority across various sectors. Hospitals, public transportation hubs, manufacturing facilities, and even food processing plants are constantly seeking effective methods to combat the spread of germs and viruses.

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automated guided vehicle

Automated Guided Vehicles

The industrial landscape is constantly evolving, driven by a relentless pursuit of efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness

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sortation systems

Sortation Systems

This dramatic shift has propelled a technology often operating behind the scenes into the spotlight: the sortation system.

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pick to light in warehouse

The Power of Precision: Pick to Light Systems

In the bustling world of warehouses and fulfillment centers, accuracy and speed reign supreme. Every second counts and every misplaced item can create a ripple effect of delays and errors. Traditional picking methods, while foundational, often struggle to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of modern logistics.

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sjk innovations coimbatore

Why Automation is the Key to Profitability

The rapidly changing consumer preferences have changed the e-commerce-driven driven-world, today, efficiency reigns supreme. Consumers expect their orders to be fulfilled quickly and accurately, putting immense pressure on warehouses to operate at peak performance.

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Benefits of Warehouse Automation

5 Benefits of Warehouse Automation

Discover how automation is revolutionizing the way goods are stored and delivered. This blog explores the top benefits of warehouse automation

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automatic tray return system

Automated Tray Retrieval System

Security screening has long been a crucial aspect of air travel, ensuring the safety of passengers and the integrity of aviation systems. With the rising number of air passenger travelers globally, the demand for efficient and effective security measures has become more pressing than ever.

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pallatizer in warehousing

Tailoring Palletizers to Industry Needs

In the dynamic landscape of modern industries, palletizers stand as essential components streamlining material handling and distribution processes

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Telescopic Conveyor Systems

Reducing Environmental Footprints in Logistics

SJK's conveyor systems are engineered for smart resource utilization. By integrating advanced technologies, such as sensors and automation, we enable precise and efficient material handling, reducing the need for excessive resource consumption.

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