XBIS Scanning System

The XBIS Scanning System in ATRS

The aviation industry is characterized by its relentless pursuit of safety and security. In this context, the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies play a pivotal role in safeguarding passengers, crew members, and assets.

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The Contactless Package Transporting System

A Contactless Package Transporting System is a system designed to transport packages or goods without the need for physical contact between the transport mechanism and the items being transported.

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sjk innovations coimbatore

The Advancement of Technologies in Warehouse

Technologies are ever-evolving and ever-influential in our everyday lives - and it's advancing so quickly that it has become so difficult that we can't even predict what's coming next.

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Agriculture with Conveyor Belts

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are a game-changer when it comes to harvesting crops. Traditional methods involve manual labor and are time-consuming.

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Warehouse automation solution

Automation Challenges and Solutions in Warehousing

Warehousing sector has undergone a significant revolution through the integration of automation, substantially diminishing the need for human involvement in its operations.

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SJK Pick to light system

Pick to Light System

Pick to light system is a paperless order picking system that uses lights to guide warehouse workers to the correct picking location.

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Sjk ATRS Machine

The use of ATRS in Airports

ATRS (Automated Tray Retrieval Systems) used in Airports are highly appreciated around the world for their scrutiny. The accuracy of this system is highly efficient when it comes to security.

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feed elevator

Feed Elevator with Hopper

The agriculture industry is crucial to the global economy and makes a considerable contribution to employment and economic expansion. Transporting their goods from the farm to the market,

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atrs machine in airport

How Automated Baggage Handling System Can Help You

Global travel is becoming increasingly challenging as the number of passengers and their bags soars. Check-in lines have long been a challenge for travelers, as have delays in baggage delivery and lost luggage.

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