Agricultural Automation

SJK Innovation's agri automation vertical focuses on providing value addition in post-harvest activities in the Field of Agriculture. Our focus relies on developing innovative and meaningful solutions, thereby addressing the unresolved issues in the Field of Agriculture. Our Core Expertise lies in defining the Problem statement to Design, Develop, and Deploy an appropriate Solution by adopting cutting-edge technology in the post-harvest Stages of Farming. We believe in Providing a Sustainable, technically advanced, yet cost-effective solution that enhances the overall supply chain efficiency and thereby adds value.

In this digital age, which has seen an advent of technological evolutions, we as a company have always been focused on adopting advanced digital technology coupled with our solution that not only addresses the core problem but also provides meaningful data and Insights for forecasting and mitigating the futuristic risks in the field of Agriculture.

In the Continuation of addressing modern-day challenges for farmers, we have taken the initiative of visiting several Regulated Markets and Primary Processing centers in order to understand several challenges in utilizing the PPCs by farmers. Based on these Observations and problem statements, we have made a retrofit solution to the existing system that resolves all the underlying causes and makes the system efficient.


Our core expertise lies in defining agri-automation solutions. We analyze the problem statement to design, develop, and deploy appropriate solutions by adopting cutting-edge technology in post-harvest Stages of farming. We believe in providing a sustainable, technically advanced, and cost-effective solution that enhances the overall supply chain efficiency and thereby adds value proposition. At SJK Innovations, we strive to revolutionize the agricultural industry by combining innovation with the aim of preserving the environment. Cutting-edge technology is undoubtedly the future of agriculture, providing an effective solution for farmers who want to increase productivity, efficiency, and profits. SJK's agricultural solutions have transformed the agricultural harvest to the best way it can, helping farmers to get greater profits.

Rotary Drum Washer

The agri automation Rotary Drum Washer is designed robustly to handle multiple Root vegetables such as Carrots, Beetroots & Potatoes. The Rotary Drum is made of high-Grade Stainless Steel 304 Material for a long-lasting trouble-free experience. This innovative machine boasts an adjustable water temperature feature, allowing users to cater to different produce types and levels of soiling. From delicate leafy greens to stubborn potatoes, our Rotary Drum Washer provides a customizable cleaning experience that delivers impeccable results every time. SJK's rotary drum washer is the best choice for all agro-business needs. For usage by small-scale farmers or large-scale producers, our solution is the game-changer your business has been waiting for.


The agri automation Feed elevator is a Cleated belt elevator used for carrying the Root vegetables from the dock area to the Rotary Pre-Wash Unit. The Hopper will be mounted on the dock area from where the farmers can feed their Produce into the Hopper Unit from the Sack Bags. SJK Innovations has raised the bar for agricultural transportation, blending functionality, convenience, and eco-consciousness. It can move large quantities of feed across a farm or transport fertilizers to different areas of fields. Our elevator can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Feed elevators combine speed, durability, and convenience to revolutionize the way agro-produce is moved in agricultural operations.


The agri automation Flat Belt conveyor is used to convey the Root vegetable once the Pre-Washing process is completed. This can transport a mass number of materials. The Flat Belt conveyor can act as a node point, assorting the vegetables manually, which helps in eliminating the damaged or unwanted vegetables getting processed further, which helps in improving the throughput. Our flat belt conveyors are designed with precision and efficiency in mind. SJK uses the highest quality materials to ensure that our conveyors are built to last and perform at optimal levels. Our belts are made from durable materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan for your conveyor system.


SJK’s Bubble Washer cleaning machine is the ideal equipment to wash fresh fruits and vegetables, adopting high-pressure water and bubbles to scatter, tumble and clean the vegetables. The materials are then transferred to the washed spraying cleaner again. Our bubble roller conveyor guarantees a seamless and uninterrupted flow, allowing businesses to maximize productivity and increase profits. Our bubble washer systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards. One of the key benefits of our bubble washers is its flexibility. The system can be customized to fit specific needs and can be adapted to accommodate various types of packaging, including boxes and covers.



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