ITRS the new innovative checkpoint concept which delivers increased throughput, enhances passengers experience and optimizes logistics for both security staff and passengers. The system improves staff efficiency and reduces operational costs. The passenger traffic is growing by 15-20 percent year on year and what it brings in its wake is the urgent need for greater efficiencies at all our airports with products and processes that address these issues. The ITRS--a make in India initiative--is a step in that direction to provide both speed and scale to help meet this growth in traffic with innovative products that help ensure that the growth can be handled efficiently and intelligently.

With the modular and flexible design, the solutions are available in several configurations and options which can be adapted to any environment or aesthetic requirements and also facilitates the best use of space and would replace and enhance any existing checkpoint area. Through a combination of the system's checkpoint design and enhanced operations and functionality, such as, tray return, directed search and remote screening, customers are able to handle challenges such as increasing passenger throughput and performance at the security checkpoint.


Modules can be added or replaced at a later date and Compact modules using standard components for cost effective solutions


Ensures a steady flow at the checkpoint and reduces waiting time increasing throughput and efficiency


Intelligent in-house configured application for local and remote screening agnostic to the XBIS make


Digitally enabled to industry 4.0 standard to provide smart insights into security hold management


Icheckpoint offers an indigenous sophisticated software platform for checkpoint X-ray machines image visualization, analysis and auditing which enables security personnel to tag suspected threat or POI on the image generated by the XBIS.

The application is designed to be integrated with the checkpoint X-ray machines from the world’s leading manufacturers and can be configured for local or remote screening.

Contactless Baggage Santizing Conveyor System

SJK’s Baggage Sanitization Conveyor System is an Innovative machine which was conceptualized, Designed and developed in the in-house architectural team during the Covid-19 crisis. The machine is the first Multi Dimensional Disinfection technology that was developed for Sanitizing the Surfaces of the passengers belongings in the Airport.

Our Portfolio on Baggage Santizing Solution

Our line of ultraviolet (UV-C) tunnel caters to disinfection of surfaces. These tunnels are highly efficient and reliable without using chemicals or generating harmful side effects.UV Lights are placed in such a way that the intensity of the light is uniformly distributed segment wise, on all the sides of the tunnel. When in the tunnel, surface of the bag from all sides will be exposed to the light thus decontaminating the surface of the bag completely.



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