feed elevator

Feed Elevator with Hopper

The agriculture industry is crucial to the global economy and makes a considerable contribution to employment and economic expansion. Transporting their goods from the farm to the market,

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automatic tray return system

Automatic Tray Return system in Airport

ATRS automatically collects and returns empty security trays, eliminating the need for passengers to search for a tray or to line up to return it, improving the overall security experience for passengers.

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Modern Solutions in Post Harvest Management

ost-harvest management plays a vital role in maintaining the quality and shelf-life of crops after they have been harvested. With the integration of modern technologies, the efficiency of the post-harvest management process has improved significantly.

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Simplifying Aviation Baggage Handling Systems

There are a number of ways to simplify aviation baggage handling systems. One is to use automation. Automated systems can handle baggage more quickly and accurately than manual systems, and they can also reduce the risk of human error.

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How ATRS are Changing the Way

Automated Tray Retrieval Systems (ATRS) is an innovative technology that is used in security checks for the screening of passengers’ baggage and other personal belongings through the X-ray machine.

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