The use of ATRS in Airports

ATRS (Automated Tray Retrieval Systems) used in Airports are highly appreciated around the world for their scrutiny. The accuracy of this system is highly efficient when it comes to security. This is the reason that Indian airports are showing interest in installing various ATRS systems in their security controls. To know more about ATRS (Automated Tray Retrieval Systems) and where they are installed let us dive deep into the details.


ATRS is a typical movement control machine system that transports the bags that are brought into the airport for the purpose of carrying something or transporting it. The ATRS moves the products inside the bags with ease and without hassle. It transports the bags from A to B points with efficiency and accuracy without any time delay.

The tray collection, storage, and recirculation system is installed at the end of the main line. A characteristic of the system allows it to transport through the tray right away. It creates a seamless flow of products or bags from the checkin point to the checkout point.


ATRS (Automated Tray Retrieval Systems) are smart and advanced innovations, additionally, these systems are highly promising results when it comes to the movement of baggage. This enables airport authorities to handle security with ease which can additionally avoid any unwanted time delays during the transportation of the passengers’ baggages.

In this case, there are also other advantages like the ability to avoid any inconvenience that may happen. ATRS handles materials with expertise and sensitive mechanisms to transport the packages. Also, this system allows the security personnel to have more time to detect the non-travel-friendly commodities inside the bags.

This reduces the risk of security and ensures a safe journey for the passengers while making it the primary reason for airports in and around India showing interest to install ATRS in their security systems.

Fast Movement

The Automatic Tray Retrieval System (ATRS) is an advanced technological marvel designed for swift and efficient baggage transportation between destinations, streamlining travel experiences. It not only guarantees the impeccable handling of items, mitigating any risk of damage to both passenger belongings and cargo but also showcases a remarkable ability to identify the specific material composition of the baggage contents. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of security and precision to the system's operation, ensuring an unparalleled level of service and safety.

Double Security Check

The integration of Intelligent Tray Retrieval Systems within airport facilities yields substantial enhancements in the operational efficiency of security checkpoints. By expediting processing times and minimizing the need for manual intervention, travelers are afforded a seamless and enjoyable experience during airport security screenings. This modernized approach not only optimizes the overall flow of passengers but also contributes to heightened levels of satisfaction and convenience throughout their journey.

High-level Productivity

ATRS increases airport productivity compared to manual screening. It also improves passenger movement and safety by reducing the spread of diseases. Research shows that high mechanical mechanisms result in time-saving and productivity for both passengers and authorities.

The Queue Beater allows multiple passengers to place their items on parallel support surfaces, filling all available trays. Passengers simply slide their tray onto the motorized conveyor belt, marked for their designated position, which moves it to the X-ray unit. This technology is thought to increase passenger flows by over 60%.

Sjk ATRS Machine


SJK Innovations airport automation systems are patented and installed in various airports in India. These include airports like MOPA International Airport, Goa and DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited). These groundbreaking systems meticulously monitor every aspect of security, ensuring passenger safety and preventing any breaches of the law. In addition, the Automatic Tray Return System is expertly engineered to enhance productivity, reduce wait times, and facilitate smoother passenger flows. Developed by SJK Innovations, the ATRS boasts unparalleled customization, catering to the unique requirements of airports regardless of their size, whether they're compact regional hubs or sprawling international terminals.

SJK's Automated Tray Retrieval System is designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse infrastructures, accommodating the distinct needs of every airport and significantly elevating passenger contentment. Its adaptable nature makes it suitable for implementation across a spectrum of airports, ranging from modest regional airfields to bustling global travel hubs, ensuring uniform security standards and streamlined operations.

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